About Us

Reflect Bangla has made a strong foot stand in the fields of event management Advertising, Supply, Media solution & Software and web development firm. Since its establishment in 2007 we have been striving to device and maneuver the very best, effective, simple but innovative techniques to enable our clients approach with the clients’ orientation in every single event. We have a team of young, energetic, hardworking professionals headed by experienced leadership. Besides our employees we have rich resource pool consists of experienced hands having strong network with government and multinational companies.

With the knowledge, professional experience and business aptitude, unique & differentiated creations we have set milestones. Appreciation of Reflect Bangla as a distinctive variety has come in many forms of media but a common implication amongst all has been quality. Driven by the confidence of the core members, Reflect Bangla has grown strength-to-strength to take challenges all times – anywhere. Reflect Bangla is a full-fledged Advertising & event management firm established to give clients the best advertising & promotional plans and execute those plans in a fantastic manner with arts. Our aim is to join the pieces of jigsaw to create a bigger picture of success on behalf of our valued clients.

We firmly believe that success and responsibility go together. The secret behind the successful and happy ending to any and every story is nothing but Strong Planning; Laborious Journey and Artistic implementation. So, we say to our valued clients, “Planning is our strength, Execution is the Art “.

We are
Flexible…Meeting your needs
Fast… Delivering on time
Fair… Meeting your budget like no one does
Fine… Working to promote sales, image, conduct and behavior

Our Beliefs: 

It is often said: “We never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Neither does advertising.

Keeping this in mind, we put ourselves in the consumer’s place. And set our mind to consider…

•  How engaged I am in the story?
•  What does it communicate to me?
•  How likeable is this advertising?
•  Would I want to see it again?

Advertising relevance is in establishing the brand in the eyes of the target market.